Community garden planned for growing Kakaako neighborhood

A community garden that would be utilized by the tens of thousands of residents expected to call the Honolulu neighborhood of Kakaako home by 2030 is in the works at Kakaako Waterfront Park.
Kakaako will be home to 30,000 new residents by 2030 and most of these residents will live in high-rise towers, with people needing open spaces to grow food.
The Hawaii Community Development Authority is scheduled to talk further about this project at its regular meeting on Wednesday.
Some ideas for such a community garden would include a market area, a picnic area and a kids zone. There are several community gardens in Honolulu including the Makiki Community Garden.
Community gardens vary in size and type but are mainly supposed to benefit the community by providing recreational spaces and food in urban areas such as Kakaako.
These gardens are generally overseen by the city mainly by parks and recreation departments or by public institutions such as schools.