Chobani registers to do business in Hawaii

Chobani, the largest Greek yogurt company in the United States, has recently registered to do business in Hawaii.
It's not known what the yogurt giant's plans are yet but its "Chobani LLC" registration with the state Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs on June 28, could mean several things, including a possible new retail location in the Islands.
Chobani already has a New York City cafe that opened in 2012, and has big plans to grow through "experiential marketing," which includes such ventures as retail locations. The New York-based yogurt company, which is making a heavy push to get consumers to eat yogurt beyond breakfast, also has opened cafes within stores, including one inside a Target store in New York. This move also helps out big-box retailers fill out their big spaces.
Of course, Chobani's items are already familiar to consumers in Hawaii with its yogurts at supermarkets across the state, including Safeway and Foodland.
Chobani is one of several other brands found in supermarkets across the country that has made the jump to brick-and-mortar locations. Nestle is another example of this growing trend with more than 100 locations around the world.
This blog has reached out to Chobani for comment.